Blossom Kite Festival 2013

Getting around the festival

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There are several ways you can get information about the schedule and map while at the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival.

If traveling by Metro, look out for volunteers who are handing out Cherry Blossom Festival pamphlets. These include a map of the Metro, information about the history and tradition behind the festival, and a list of the different events that will be happening in the coming weeks. They can also point you in the right direction for the Kite Festival.

When heading towards the kite festival, be aware of the construction happening on the Washington monument. You will need to detour around this if heading from the Smithsonian metro stop.

When at the festival look out for large pink signs that include the days schedule of events and a map of where everything is located. If you are worried about getting lost, take a picture with you phone or camera to reference later.

You can also visit the information table (number 4 on the map) to get a pamphlets with the schedule, map, and other information about the festival. While at the table, pick up some free Chapstick or bubbles!


Author: CJTK Team

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