Blossom Kite Festival 2013

What to bring

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The Cherry Blossom Kite Festival is a fantastic day of exciting events and activities. It’s important to plan accordingly before arriving at the event, so use the checklist below to make sure you pack the essentials.

  • Umbrella, Jacket, etc. – make sure to check the weather before leaving. Spring weather can be unpredictable sometimes, so plan for different temperatures and potential rain storms.
  • Sunscreen- in case it’s a sunny day. You don’t want to get burnt after an enjoyable day outside.
  • Cell phone — there will be extra cell service in the area, but you still might lose signal at some point during the day. Have a plan with friends in case you get split up and you lose cell service.
  • Camera — if your phone’s camera isn’t enough.
  • Metro SmarTrip card — if you plan on traveling by metro, save a little bit of time by having your card already loaded with enough fare to get to the city and back.
  • Water bottle and snack– there will be food tents at the event and surrounding restaurants, but you may want something on hand. You may be walking a lot at this event.
  • Kite- if you plan on joining in the festivities, bring a kite. Don’t worry though if you have no kite flying skills, walking around to admire the kites is also just as fun. (If you plan on participating in the Kite Makers Competition, Hot Tricks Showdown, Mini Rokkaku Challenge or Rokkaku Battle you must register at the Registration Table).

Author: CJTK Team

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